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A First Look Behind the Scenes

For 20 days, an incredible team of professionals - grips, electric, sound, hair, make-up, set design, safety, SFX artists, camera, production crew, editors, puppeteers, writers, directors, producers, and actors - have worked tirelessly to bring to life the 5 segments of this film.

What better way to spend a Halloween season than making a funny horror movie with clowns, machete-wielding slashers, demonic puppets, murderous bridesmaids, superheros...and strippers.

On behalf of CoH creators Ken Arnold and Dan DeLuca and our producers, thank you to everyone who brought their talent, professionalism, and passion to The Substitute, Welcome to Clown Town, Fun With Furklee, Good Head, and Last Maid Standing!

And a special thank you to Donald Imm, who has provided so many of the photos from the various sets.


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