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The Coda Review at Phoenix Film Festival

An anthology of horror/comedy films told by a substitute kindergarten teacher. She regales them with tales of a town of clowns, a murderous puppet, an off-the-rails bachelorette party and an actor’s visit to a special effects studio.

This is simply a real fun way to spend 90 minutes in a movie theater. Each segment of this anthology has its own unique mood, blending the silly with violence and gore into a special cocktail that easily makes you forget about the time flying by.

I personally enjoyed the final film, starring “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell” stars Matt Servitto and Henry Zebrowski. It actually seemed like it could have been an episode adjacent to the show itself.

Look, I can’t really wax poetic about anything here. This is just pure escapism as far as I can tell. It was great to be in a theater laughing and cringing with the audience. This movie is just fun.


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